Friday, 21 September 2012

How to link your Google calendar to IPhone

Ensure you have a Google account and can view your calendar via the internet (preferably not on your IPhone).  Make a note of your username and password.

Go into the Settings of your Google calendar and ensure you have set to private shares.

 On your mobile phone go to where you should be able to log into your Google account and select or manage your device(s).  Select the device you wish to sync and you get to the Settings page.  Tick which calendars you wish to sync to your IPhone and ensure your press on the Save button. 

Assuming you are on a fairly recent iOS version (I am currently using 5.1.1) you then need to go into 'Settings' then select 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'.  Check your existing Accounts but you may need to add a new Account.  Select 'Add Account' and scroll down to 'Other'.  From the Calendars option select 'Add CalDAV account' and entered the settings as below.  It may take a minute or two to verify your information. 

Finally, open the default IPhone calendar app and select Calendars.  Hopefully, you should now be able to select which calendars you wish to view and relate them to the different colour options available.  

Friday, 7 September 2012

All change on the Filofax front .... again

During the summer I have been using my beautiful Aston pocket Filofax successfully.  However, as the school holidays draw to a close, I realise the pocket size paper just won’t hold enough information for after school clubs and groups, along with scout and rugby activities for the whole family. 

I also realised that I need to keep a few print-outs with me and I struggle to fit these into the pocket size.  As I have an aversion to the Personal size paper and I like to print onto A4 paper returning to A5 was an easy decision.  However the weight and the size of an A5 Filofax in my current handbag was impossible.  What is a woman to do?  Buy a new handbag of course!  Then my gorgeous sister mentioned that she really liked the Chestnut Cuban A5 (she currently had a Chocolate Cuban A5) so with little persuasion, we had a swap around and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Chocolate Cuban A5 Filofax. 

I love it’s beautiful smooth leather finish (I’m one of those unfortunate souls that really doesn’t like the finish to the Malden).  I also like my Filofax binders to have stiff covers (I often write on my knee) but with the flexibility to lie flat.  The Cuban ticks all those boxes.  With it’s 25mm rings, I hoping to keep it slimline and therefore not too heavy. 

So here are some of the obligatory photos for my fellow Filofax fans:-

Inside the front cover I keep stamps, a solitary cheque, an envelope, a paper clip, some post-it notes, my sister’s business cards and my business cards. 

I then have an A5 Week on 2 Pages print-out of my Google calendars which are synced to my IPhone, Outlook on my PC, my husbands IPhone and DS1’s Android phone.  There are also small rows where I’ve added birthdays, menu planning and tasks.  This picture also shows my home-made floating Today marker with a Weekly To Do list on the front. 

I have created my own dividers from birthday cards and used the Avery Note tabs (cut in half).  At the moment, I prefer the use of top tabs.  I have purposely kept the contents to a minimum so it keeps the weight down. 

If you would like me to write a blog post on how I link my IPhone, Outlook and Filofax across multiple internet calendars, please write a comment below and I can go into further details. 

I’m also using a variety of multi-pens for colour coding each family member.  Again, if you would like more information, ask a question in the comments form below and I will endeavour to answer in a further blog post. 

As always, thank you for reading.
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