Friday, 31 May 2013

Travel tips

If you haven’t realised already, I’m one of those organised people who like to plan things in advance.  In a couple of months we are travelling abroad for a family holiday.  So I’d like to ask you some questions:-

·         What is an essential on your packing list?
I’ve started with passports, clothes, sun cream, medications, entertainment devices and of course my trusty Filofax.
·         What do you put in your beach bag?
Sun hat, book, suncream, beach towel, talc, sunglasses, toys, flip flops,

I’m going to Cuba so my Filofax is going to be even more useful.  However, some of the pre-lists I have used Dropbox so I can see the lists on both my IPhone and home PC.

Last year I printed Ray’s amazing Travel Journals (found here and used my Pocket Pennybridge.  As it proved so successful, I’m hoping to do the same again this year. 

What essentials do you carry for holiday?  Please let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading.

Friday, 17 May 2013

My favourite IPhone apps – part 2

Following on from my last blog post, here are some of my other favourite IPhone apps:-

Hullo Mail.  The missed called and voice message interface from my mobile carrier 3 isn’t great.  After trying the free version of Hullo Mail, it shows me who has left me a message or I have received a missed call from.

Pocket – Any interesting web sites or pictures/articles I would like to read later I email to my Pocket account.  I can then read these (even off line if updated) on my IPad or IPhone.  Invaluable.

Endomondo – tracks my outside exercise.  Fairly accurate and transfers the data straight into My Fitness Pal which I use daily to track calorie intake and exercise. 

Flipbox – A custom magazine of some of my favourite blogs with pictures. 

Cozi for my FlyLady routines.  I use the free version (can you spot a theme here?) which reminds me of cleaning zones for this week.  If you dislike housework as much as I do, may I recommend you investigate Fly Lady.   

Feedly – As Google Reader is no longer going to be operational later this year, Feedly painlessly transferred all my blog subscriptions from Google Reader to themselves.  Again links to my pc, IPhone and IPad.

Trello – I’ve just started using this for my project management.  I’m enjoying the visual boards approach.

You Tube – I must admit I use this as a knowledge tool.  It is much easier to learn something if you can see what you need to do rather than just reading. 

Would I swap to anything else? Not currently.  My eldest son has an Android phone and whilst it’s ok – the operating system is not as sleek, intuitive and professional as an apple product.  Don’t even get me started on BlackBerry’s!  I have a fairly modern BlackBerry for work and it’s heavy to carry, slow to use and not intuitive.  I cannot currently compare to the latest version of a Windows phone.  However, if someone would like to send me one to test and compare I wouldn’t complain ;)

As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you below.

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Friday, 3 May 2013

My favourite IPhone apps – part 1

I admit I’m a geek.  I love my gadgets and technology.  I was also adamant I was not going to become an Apple fan girl.  Previously I’ve had a HTC Windows phone running Windows Mobile 7 which I liked but had a few flaws.  However, two years ago my husband bought an IPhone then I bought an IPod and I realised they really are rather good.

Siri and ICloud Reminders and Notes - I’ve grouped these together as they are standard Apple apps and I would struggle to cope without them.  Along with my Bluetooth headset, whilst I’m on my commute to and from work I often remember things I should be doing or adding to.  I just wish reminders could be set for the 2nd Monday in the month etc rather than just the basic scheduling.

Calendar linked with Google calendar.  I’ve managed to colour code 7 different Google calendars which I can view at an instant on my IPhone.  I immediately know where my family should be and whether my shared treatment room is available or already booked. 

Dropbox – It enables me to share files not only between all of my devices (PC’s and Apple devices) but also shares files with other people.  I realise the security of any Cloud based storage isn’t completely secure so I don’t use Dropbox for anything confidential.

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter are my two main SM apps although I also like to browse Instagram.  I don’t find the Facebook Pages app that useful as I’d like to share other Pages information from my IPhone as I can on my PC.  Hopefully, that will be in a future release.

MyFitnessPal – used daily to track my calorie intake and expenditure. 

Met Office – also used daily to check what the weather is going to be like in the coming 5 days. 

Oops, it’s only when you start documenting your favourite apps you realise how long the list could be.  Therefore, part 2 (and possibly even part 3) coming in a fortnight. 
As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you below.

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