Friday, 22 March 2013

Just in case . . .

This is another ‘bare my soul’ style blogs where I talk honestly about habits or actions I take that may appear a little bizarre to some people.  This week’s post could also be name ‘Be Prepared’.

I admit I am a Guide/Scout through to the core.  I loved being a Guide (many years ago) and I’m delighted that both boys are active in our local Scout movement.  I frequently use some of the skills I learnt at Guides and along with organisational issues, I also like to be prepared.  Sadly this means I tend to carry around with me lots of items; ‘just in case’.  I remember my Mum showing me her Guide Uniform along with belt, whistle, penknife and compass and I realise they are all relevant (in some way or another) in today’s society.

Several months ago via Twitter @RoriRants introduced me to a You Tube video entitled Female OCD/EDC Bag which sparked my imagination.  Not only did I think this video was amazing but I started investigating EDC (Every Day Carry).  I became interested in what other people carry in their handbags and on their belts/pockets.  This brought me along to the amazing TheUrbanPrepper and his Urban Altoids Survival tin

Needless to say, I’ve now purchased an Altoids tin and here’s a list of the current contents:-

Emergency money
Emergency phone numbers
Needle & thread
Duct tape
Variety of medicines (ibuprofen, zantac, immodium, strepsil, allergy tablet, cold & flu tablet)
2 x plasters
Alcohol wipe
Piece of pen and pen refill
Piece of gum
Victorinox card
Calpol 6+ sachet
Nail file / match striker
Mini post in notes
Safety pin
Paper clip
Rubber band

Along with the mini pen knife (Victorinox Classic for those who are interested) some of the contents have already come in extremely useful.  Sewing clothes at work, sticking a broken toy together at Beavers, ibuprofen for pain relief, plasters/wipes & calpol – I am a Mum of two boys after all and the scissors for a variety of uses. Oh & I carry the above penknife and a mini torch on my keys. 

I’ve also read you should have a Grab bag ready in case of emergencies.  Most local councils have an Emergency Plan which you can print and personalise along with a suggested list of items for your Grab bag

How many of you have a Grab bag and emergency plan?  What’s in your handbag or what’s in your EDC?  Please let me know in the comments below.  Do I have an OCD issue?  Have I given you something to think about?
As always, thank you for reading this blog.  If you have any questions or comments, please chat to me below.
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Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday ramblings

Just a short and obscure blog this week.

Initially I thought about discussing aesthetics; specifically those relating to human beauty.  You see, sometimes I am guilty of not noticing when someone has a new hair style or has lost a few pounds.  I don’t believe I’m being ignorant but I notice people as a whole – not just their body and image but their soul.

For example, as a child I had a crush on a high school teacher.  This teacher certainly didn’t fill the category of what most teenagers called attractive but his personality shone through.  I saw the teacher holistically. 

In TV programmes, I tend to admire, respect and am attracted to those characters who appear wise, kind, humorous and caring.  My home-made pin-up calendar at work (don’t ask why!!) raised a few eyebrows.  Not because of their body or good looks, entirely the opposite. 

Perhaps this is why I enjoy holistic therapies.  I look at the person as a whole; not just the physical but the spiritual and emotional.

Any guilty crushes you’d like to admit?

As always, thank you for reading this blog.  If you have any questions or comments, please chat to me below.

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