Friday, 28 June 2013

Reiki Precepts

This weeks blog will enable you to learn a little more about Reiki.

One of the fundamental factors of Reiki is the five precepts.  These are guidelines from the Reiki founder Usui Mikao. Although Reiki has no religious basis, many religious or spiritual practices have precepts.  A dictionary definition of a precept is “A precept (from the Latin: præcipere, to teach) is a commandment, instruction, or order intended as an authoritative rule of action.”

Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki lineage, referred to the Precepts as “the secret of inviting happiness through many blessings, the spiritual medicine for all illness” and included them in daily practice.  Understanding these precepts and that Reiki is primarily a personal spiritual growth tool, can aid self-healing and help us understand Reiki. 

The precepts are taught from Reiki 1 and should be recited morning and night.  However, reciting doesn’t help us fully understand these precepts.  I have spent several months meditating with these precepts, endeavouring to use them constantly in my day to day life.

·         Just for today, do not anger
·         Just for today, do not worry
·         Just for today, be grateful
·         Just for today, work hard
·         Just for today, be compassionate towards yourself and others

Please be aware when surfing the internet you may find slightly different versions due to translation but all have the same basic principle. 

In future blogs, I hope to work with each of these precepts and delve a little deeper.

As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you below.

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Quick disclaimer; I am not a medical practitioner so therefore I’m not prescribing.  All of my blog posts are based on complementary therapies and not as a replacement for conventional medicine.  

Friday, 14 June 2013

Hopi ear candles

This is a treatment which didn’t initially appeal to me however after a treatment I was impressed and decided to train and add this to the growing list of treatments I offer.

Hopi Ear Candles (also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy) are a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions.  These ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes. The candles work on a chimney principle, drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed. They equalise the pressure in the head and ears, making them suitable for most conditions.

The candles are made from a variety of natural ingredients including beeswax, honey extracts, sage, St Johns Wort, chamomile, beta-carotene and organically grown flax.  I only use the best quality candles.

Hopi Candles have been reported to help with a wide range of disorders in ears and/or sinuses and have a relaxing calming effect for stress disorders.  Ideal for people who have their ears syringed regularly, frequent flyers or before air travel.

I will ask you to lie on your side and the candle is then gently placed into your ear. You may experience a pleasant crackling sound as the candle burns and a warm comfortable feeling. The candle is then taken away while you lie there for a few moments before turning over to treat the other ear. Most clients find the whole experience very relaxing. Some fall asleep during treatment.

As we are due to fly in the couple of months, I intend to treat us all prior to travel to help with any ear pressure problems we may have.  

As always, thank you for reading this blog.  If you have any questions or comments, please chat to me below.

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