Friday, 23 August 2013

Reiki precept - Earn your living honestly

Welcome back to the series on Reiki Precepts. This weeks blog is discussing the precept "Earn your living honestly". There are also various translations which are similar to "Work hard".  On a superficial level, this sounds so simple. However if we delve a little deeper, there are so many layers to this precept.  

Earning a living can mean all types of work; not just your day to day paid employment. How about your day to day tasks; self development with daily Reiki practice, household chores, family responsibilities. 

Earn = money. There are some schools of thought who believe we shouldnt charge for Reiki. However, there are also beliefs that Usui himself realised there had to be an exchange of energy when offering Reiki to beggars. If, as a therapist, I have spent money training and developing my practice; should you not pay for my time?  
How about the people and places we associate with as part of our daily living. How we spend our time impacts the way we live our lives.  

How do you perceive your "living". Do you work diligently?  I'd love to discuss this with you further so let me know your comments below. 

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