Saturday, 14 December 2013

Festive greetings and saying No

A short Festive post for this week.

I try so hard to be organised at this time of year.  There are so many different focus points . . .  celebration, presents, cards, decorating along with the business of day-to-day life.  However I also realise that for my own health and sanity sometimes I have to say No.  I find this hard to do, I often put others before myself.  So I've been following my own advice, trying to make sure that every day has a little bit of calm and serenity before steeling myself to say No.

As time is short and sweet at this time of year I would just like to wish you peace, health and happiness at this time of year.  Thank you for your support and the time spent reading and I'll be back around the 27th.

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