Friday, 23 January 2015

Quick catch up

Hello all.  Just a quick note of gratitude or as one of my clients called it “A Pollyanna day”.  Sometimes life throws you a curve ball; I like to try and see the positive in most situations.  January 2015 is certainly testing my positivity already.  My husband had a car accident and although not serious, made a mess of the car.  My positivity – at least my car isn’t a write-off and can be fixed.

This week hubby (again!) has been involved in a work accident.  Although run over by a 2 ton roller; my positivity – at least it was only his lower leg, not his hips/body/head.  Again, hopefully should be repairable.

Both situations require a change to routines and some inconvenience but they could have been a lot worse.  Our boys have been understandably worried about their Dad.  I’m grateful I’ve been working on my patience and the ability to re-think situations.  This has helped me explain the positives to the boys and ask for their help “pulling together as a team”. 

Needless to say, Reiki and meditation have been invaluable to:-
·         Help me stay calm on my hurried journey to the hospital
·         Remind myself a car is just a piece of metal
·         Assist with hubby’s physical healing
·         Calm the tearful emotions of our teenage soon
·         Provide a physiological support blanket to our youngest son sitting huddled on my lap

The couple of glasses of wine and the support of our amazing family and friends have been invaluable too.

I hope your start to 2015 hasn’t been quite as testing.  

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your husband being involved in that accident. Stuff like that should not only be prevented, but be eliminated as a possibility. Those who would dare do otherwise and cross the line should be dealt with through the full breadth of the law. I hope that nothing similar would ever happen again. I wish your family all the best!

    Gregg Jackson @ Sherrill Cameron