Friday, 6 March 2015

Spring is here (Part one)

The days are getting longer (well technically not longer but lighter for longer), the temperature is slowly getting warmer and in my garden I see the start of spring.  The same applies to my routines; whether it be beauty, fitness or business routines.

·         My fitness regime alters due to the increasing light in the mornings; hopefully less treadmill and more outside exercise

·         I tend to change from a lipstick to a lip gloss.  A great all round balm with a super zesty scent is the Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Balm
·         Time to give a super Spring Clean to my make-up brushes
·         I like to brighten my colour palette; not just for make-up but clothing.  Moving away from dark earthy tones to lighter, pastel colours
·         I’ll check through all my make-up throwing away anything that’s past its expiry date (top top; when starting a new mascara/foundation etc , write the date you opened on the product with a sharpie.  Now you know when to bin)

·         Business wise I’m planning treatments and promotions around Easter/Ostara
·         My Filofax and Planning setup hasn’t changed (at the moment although I’m always scouring Ebay and Philofaxy for my dream binder)
·         Efforts to improve the condition of my feet start now ready for sandal wearing.  Let me know below if you’d like some super nourishing pedicure pamper secrets

How do you plan on Spring Cleaning your routine?  Next time, we will be upscaling our house Spring Cleaning products using nature and essential oils. 

PS – for my regular readers I have kept to the majority of my January resolutions.  I’m still posting my running miles into Jantastic having only used the joker once for when hubby was in hospital.  Although I had a break with the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, I’m back on the mat and oh how I missed thee.  

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