Friday, 10 February 2012

Some thoughts about parabens

I’ve been reading with concern and interest the current articles on parabens and in particular the link to breast cancer tissue. For the past few years, not only am I careful about what food and additives I consume but also what chemicals or additives are in my environment.

I am of the opinion that these products may be safe, however until they are proved to be safe, I would prefer to keep everything ‘clean’. If you need to check any of your skin care products check the ingredient list and if you see ingredients such as Methyparaben, Butylparaben, EtyhlParaben, Propylparaben, then they are not Paraben Free. Parabens can be found in body products such as shampoo and can cause allergic reactions, skin drying etc and have been linked to oestrogen overproduction. I just don’t want that risk in my body.

Why not check out the original Journal here:- Barr L, Metaxas G, Harbach CAJ et al. Measurement of paraben concentrations in human breast tissue at serial locations across the breast from axilla to sternum. Journal of Applied Toxicology, January 12 2012 (published online)

PS – all of the products sold by Heather Holistics are not only paraben free but certified by the Organic Soil Association.

Do you buy ‘safe’ products or are you prepared to take the risk? Let me know.

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