Friday, 3 February 2012


I know its usually Follow Friday on Twitter and I did have a blog post on parabens planned but this week has been kinda difficult so it is short and sweet thankful on Friday post today.

Wednesday here in Leicestershire was a bright but cold day. I’d just left the work car park on my way to collect the boys from school when ‘BHAM’ I was stationary. That beautiful sun was low in the sky and a large lorry was reversing into my path. Even with my seat belt on, I’ve shot up and hit my head on the little hook of my sun visor.

Police, paramedics and an ambulance arrive and I’m sent off to our local hospital for stitches to my scalp. I obviously bleed a lot because I must have looked like something out of a horror movie!

Anyway, onto my thankfulness. I realise some people would be annoyed they’ve had an accident and claim only bad things happen to them. I’m not one of those people.

I’m thankful for (in no particular order):-

My parents who drop everything to help
My hubby keeps me entertained when the going gets tough
My sister, who nurtures my soul, provides wisdom and love.
My work colleagues, for their continual support and advice
My children for being my inspiration
My neighbours for their offers of help and kindness
My severity of my accident was only minor (in the grand scale of things)
To you for reading this blog post and being my friend

Did I say it was a short blog post?

How about writing what you are thankful for in your comments below?

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