Friday, 16 March 2012

Aston pocket Filofax review after a week of use

My new pocket Aston was waiting by the back door when I got home Friday afternoon.  My initial response was one of delight at the texture and softness of the leather.  I like the colour but wondered if I’d fit everything into such a small size.
This blog post may be a little photo heavy, so please bear with me. 

On the inside is several business card slots and a larger slot

I have shaved the contents down a little.  Initially I have some basic information pages and then behind the Notes tab, some lined paper with shopping lists.

Next is my diary in WO2P format but manually altered.  I rule off approximately ½ of the left of the page for entering (colour-coded) appointments.  On the right hand size I pencil 4 lines per day plus a tick box at the end.

The monthly tabs are the Filofax tab markers on approximately the first of the month.  Quick, cheap, easy and take up very little extra space.  Towards the rear of the Aston I have a list of addresses and telephone numbers, just in case.  Finally, there is a zip pocket for change in the back.  I just wish there was a slot for fitting a slim notebook in the back.

Ok, so it has only been a week so far but I’m coping with the smaller space and it’s definitely easier to carry just the one pocket Filofax with me.

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  1. Very nice! I really like how you divided the weekly pages manually w/ the lines, and the creative use of the brightly colored sticky tabs for the monthly tabs. How has this size been working out for you?

  2. Thank you Songbird68. The pocket size worked wonderfully during the summer whilst my children weren't quite so busy. Now they are back at school with the associated clubs and parties etc I just couldn't fit everything back in and have migrated back to an A5 again!