Friday, 9 March 2012

Oops I did it again!

As an avid follower of Philofaxy, I have read other people blogs with interest (read envy).

Firstly, Amanda at PaperPens and Ink blog is going to think I’m stalking her. My filo envy not only extended to wanting to try an Aston but an Aston in an identical size and colour as Amanda’s (In all fairness purple is my favourite colour and my original BCC Pocket has a broken strap).

However I managed to sway my envy until I saw this blog post on Philofaxy. I like my Filofax’s to be bulging and I just don’t get the narrow pages of the Personal. I blame Doris (in the nicest possible way!) - her Emma Filofax is beautiful.

I’ve also been carrying around two filofax’s. I originally re-started (I had a Filofax in the 1990’s) my obsession with a BCC Pocket which worked fine for several months. However, I was using a Windows Mobile phone and manually printing out my Outlook calendar. Surely it would be much easier to upgrade to an A5.

Again, this worked beautifully . . . for a few months until I changed from a Windows Mobile phone (I no longer use Outlook for my electronic diary). With no need to print out pages, I down-sized to a gorgeous Lilac Cross in Personal and manually write out my diary. I love the colour and the smoothness of the Cross but I just don’t like the size of the pages. In the narrow personal pages, the only diary which suited my needs was the WO2P horizontal. It’s ok but I’ve got planner envy.

I’m also carrying around a mini Piazza which although cute, rarely gets used and each week I’m checking my Personal against the mini against my phone and the kitchen calendar. It would be one less step if I have just ‘one-life, one filofax’.

I just happened to be perusing EBay when a new Aston Pocket in Orchid appeared at a price which was too good to be true. It was fate I told myself; I was destined to buy it!

Then I noticed the clever gentlemen Steve and Ray are starting to work on Pocket sized diary templates. Yet another sign that I was meant to move back to the Pocket size!

I can’t wait to meet the Aston and check out just how tactile the leather is and meet the Orchid colour in real life. Hopefully it will arrive today (and not tomorrow when hubby is home!) and I can spend the next week setting it up, taking photos and writing another blog post.

Pilot bringing out a multi-pen for their Frixion range would almost be my Filofax nirvana – well for a few months anyway until my situation changes again but that’s what we all love about our Filo’s. The fact we can change our system as and when our situations change.
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  1. Accidentially bought a new Filofax, huh? Yep, that's what always happens to me (though my BF never believes me ...).

  2. Luckily when I got home the postman had already been so hubby is blissfully unaware. The leather is soft, smooth but not as floppy as the Maldern (I prefer the Aston's leather). The colour is a beautiful, deep orchid and I live it already.

  3. That's right blame Ray and I!

    Don't feel guilty, don't try to justify your purchase... you don't have to... just enjoy it...


  4. Thank you Steve. I've spent the morning getting it all set up & checking how it fits in my handbag. Loving it so far, will blog more on it next week.

  5. I love that 'whoops, I bought another filofax' as I just did the same thing! Managed to get a bargain beauty gift box with the Domino Snake on eBay :)

  6. Excellent choice!
    I "accidentally" bought a purple personal FInchley, but then didn't like it, so it has gone back (to DH's delight!). I think the orchid Aston has spoiled me!

  7. You are not alone. I have been enabled by Jotje too with my pocket Malden, and now have 8 (!) thanks to Philofaxy. Enjoy your Aston!

  8. @Anita, it's surprising just how easy it is to buy another filofax. I hope you enjoy your Domino snake, have you blogged about it yet?

  9. @Amanda thank you for inspiring me. 11 days into downsizing into a pocket and I find this Aston so easy to carry around everywhere. We really are spoilt.

  10. @doris98 How are you getting on with your pocket Malden? Any photos you would like to share?