Friday, 27 July 2012

Filofax Pennybridge on travels

I’m changing the subject of this week’s blog as I’m just back from holiday and thought some of you may like a report on how my travel Filofax fared. 
Several months ago and in anticipation of a holiday abroad, I purchased the pocket Pennybridge in purple.  In all fairness, it was pretty much love at first sight.  Not only was it purple, I’m currently still using a pocket size Filofax, it wasn’t too expensive and being leather-look, I wouldn’t be too upset if it got splashed with suncream or other parenting mishaps. 

As is usual with most of my Filofax blog posts, this is fairly photo heavy.
At the front is the little zip compartment I used for coins.  Behind the zip is a small area suitable for notes and cards although this is my only issue with the Pennybridge, I miss a suitable area to store notes. 
In front of the zip compartment are several slots suitable for payment cards, EHIC cards, business cards etc.

My front picture always makes me smile and is the front from a glittery birthday card. 

I printed Ray and Steve’s fantastic pocket travel journals before departing.  These were really useful and practical and used every day on holiday.  I then inserted some budget sheets to keep a check on how much money we were spending.  Next I inserted some plain lined notepaper which made perfect shopping lists for the supermarket run. 

I currently use Google calendar and sync to my IPhone.  To prevent using my mobile too much on holiday, I printed off a WO2P Google calendar view to Landscape PDF and then shrunk it by 60% and it fits perfectly in a pocket Filofax.  The same also for the MO2P Landscape calendar views.  Finally, I added my contacts so we could write postcards whilst away. 

In the pen slot (not shown) was my original Bic 4 colour pen and I also managed to slide the Bic fashion limited edition 4 colour pen and along the top of the inserts a small mechanical pencil. 

In summary, I’ve found the Pennybridge so useful, I occasionally use it at home if I know I’ve got a short trip out rather than a purse/Filofax/handbag combination. 

A little hint/tip; If the coin section contains too many coins, it can become a little bulky or difficult to close the external zip but if you hold the Filofax horizontal and shake it around a little, the coins distribute themselves more evenly within the coin zip and the Filofax is easier to close. 

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if you have any questions or comments, please add them below. 
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