Friday, 14 December 2012

I finally got a Baroque

Long ago when Doris wrote her wonderful Philofaxy blog post on her range of Baroque Filofaxes (click here), I must admit I suffered with planner envy. I constantly watched Ebay just so I could own a Baroque. I wanted to stroke the super, soft, embossed leather and see for myself if the Baroque’s really were as beautiful in real life. After months of waiting, bidding and a few fails along the way I finally got my wish. So (drum roll please), here are the requisite photos:-

I’m using my mini black baroque as my daily carry around Filofax. Whilst I still adore my A5 Cuban filofax (for further details see here), sometimes carrying around an A5 Filofax is just too heavy and bulky. Even when I trim the contents down to bare minimum pages, A5’s can still be a bit of a beast.

However, a mini filofax is no hardship to carry or fit into the smallest of spaces. On occasions where I don’t even carry a handbag, the mini baroque serves as a filofax/wallet too. As I print my diary pages out from Outlook, downsizing them to mini size is not difficult either. Yes, it makes the print a bit small but still readable.

Here is a quick tour; The black leather is soft and smooth. The embossing on the inside is . . . just divine – classy and understated. In the front there are several card slots where I slip a debit card if I’m using the baroque as a wallet. There is also a small zip compartment where I keep my money if using as a wallet.

I print out my Outlook calendars using the Microsoft Calendar Printing Assistant and shrink it down via pdf to 50%. Next I just have some lined paper for notes, shopping lists etc..

At the rear is the cutest, little notepad holder I have ever seen. I put my business cards in there to save on bulk.

And that’s it. Baby baroque earned its stripes when I helped host a burger stall at the village Christmas fete a few weekends ago. I didn’t want to carry a handbag but I also didn’t want to be without pen & paper. Baby baroque was able to write down drinks orders, quickly show me my appointments to arrange meet ups, hold my money and provide safety for my business cards.

As always, thank you for reading this blog and following my crazy flitting from one filofax (size and style) to another. If you have any questions or comments, please chat to me below.

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  1. I only have one filofax bought at the end of November and could never imagine using anything smaller than a personal but you've just gone and convinced me how handy it might be. You are so handy at printing and using outlook, that is where I am challenged but I will learn!

  2. Thank you for your compliment Tonya. If you require any help printing from Outlook, give me a shout and I'll write another blog article explaining in a little more detail.