Friday, 24 January 2014

Teenage skin

For my regular readers you will be aware I have an (almost) teenage son.  Along with the ‘back-chatting’ and standard attitude issues, we are also dealing with changes in hormones.  Therefore, I’ve spent some time investigating organic skin care ranges which do not contain harsh chemicals which strip the skin of its natural oils but balances natural oils, for a clearer, more mattified complexion. 

I’m hoping my children don’t suffer with acne.  Acne is generally a result of a genetic predisposition.  The severity of individual cases will be, for the most part, linked to the degree to which specific skin malfunctions are related to inherited genetic coding. 

As said son is entering puberty, we have noticed an increase in oil production.  Therefore, we have introduced a facial wash that lifts excess sebum and keep follicles clear.  We’ve also found an excellent skin gel for targeting any breakouts that may occur. 


For further information on gentle skincare, suitable for all ages, see the Purifying Palmarosa at the following link

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