Friday, 7 March 2014

What helps me focus and drives me forward (shooting for the stars)

I’m off on a tangent (again – sigh) but I want to share something I’m passionate about.  In fact, this is exactly what my blog is all about.   Sharing with you, my readers, products/treatments that have made such a difference to my life I think you ought to know about them too. 

Do you have goals or do you find them difficult to specify?  I’ve always been envious of my sister who has had goals written down since we were children.  In fact she’ll be so busy following those goals for this year she won’t have time to read this blog post !!  I, on the other hand, have never really had goals.  I just sort of amble along hoping things go to plan.  I’ve attended training which tells me about creating SMART goals (specific, measurable, a***, realistic and time related).  This is fine IF you know what you’re goals are.  What about us mere mortals who have never really understood.  Well I have found my answer.

I’d read about Leonie’s annual workbooks and I was intrigued.  For very little outlay I could experiment, I could see if someone could help me find my goals, help we focus my direction.  Well I found it.  I started slowly; but quickly got sucked into the enthusiasm, the guidance, the virtual support and the guiltless abundance.  I bought my first year book in 2013 in about August and what a difference for the final quarter of 2013.  This year I’ve started from January.  I spent the break between Christmas and the New Year, pawing over the Workbooks I’d printed.  But it wasn’t just the printed version I could you update; I could update the PDF files – genius.  I spent time dreaming, dancing, writing, painting, walking and finding my me. 

I set reminders in my IPhone for the end of each month to peruse the upcoming month’s goals and check out how I fared with my current months goals.  It’s scary but astounding.  My business is gradually growing; at a rate I can cope with.  I have mental blocks I still need to address about abundance and prosperity but Leonie has workbooks which will help me resolve this issue.

Therefore, I want to offer you the chance to find a little more about yourself and use this knowledge to set your goals and dreams.  Follow the link below to my affiliate link and set a course for the stars:-

How to make your dreams come true
Thank you as always for reading my blog.  Wishing you every success finding your dreams.  Any questions please ask in the comments below.

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