Friday, 4 April 2014

A Filofax personal journal

For this week’s blog I’m going back to Filofax related matter.  I’ve been journaling for 18 months and it’s been on just basic A5 notepads.  I wanted to make my journaling experience more of a tactile, luxurious, event so decided to look into inserts and Filofaxes.

Whilst browsing Ebay (as you do!) I came across a Personal Portland as a bargain.  I wanted to try a vintage Filofax so I could understand the difference to the newer versions.  So here are the pictures:-

The leather is gorgeously smooth, soft and supple.  I generally find the Personal size paper too long and thin but as you will see from the photos, I bought the Franklin Covey Her Point of View daily inserts ( which are a touch wider and have beautiful hues of colour.  Although the line spacing is rather tight, I just write on every other line.

My only gripe is the right hand pen loop is just a little too narrow to keep my fountain pen.  I now keep this Filofax at my bedside so I can relax and journal just before bed.

As always, I welcome any questions or comments left below.  

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  1. Great 'completed system'. Thx for that example + comments. I also use larger dia pens, so I use a stick-on pen loop, from my local ofc sply chain store. They carried styles in glue+press-on, peel-and-stick, and industrial grade stick-on. I also like that you have the soft blue inks - they are easier on the eyes, and will allow my notes to be readable if they overwrite an inked area, where dark ink artwork won't.