Friday, 7 October 2011

Autumn skincare

So after last weeks glorious warm sunny weather (well here in England anyway) the time has come for me to re-evaluate my moisturisers. So what are my requirements for an Autumn/Winter moisturiser?

• I swap from lotion to a thicker cream
• I don’t need SPF’s
• Once applied, I immediately notice a difference with my skin
• Good value for money
• Suitable for my sensitive skin
• As few artificial ingredients as possible so no Sodium Laureth Sulfate (some studies claim these can be drying and harsh on sensitive skin)
• No parabens
• Preferably organic (Soil Association approved)
• Smells pleasant
• Has other benefits (ie I love using Aromatherapy products, not only do they smell divine but Frankincense for example also has regenerative properties)

I know some people don’t enjoy the Autumn but I love the idea of shutting the cold outside and spending some time pampering myself. I am aware that Central Heating can have a drying effect on my skin so spend a little extra time moisturising.

Don’t forget it’s not just moisturisers, why not change your whole skincare routine and use nourishing cleansers, toners and moisturisers will help your skin cope with the Autumn weather.

I have found my current favourite range of moisturisers (in fact I love them so much I also sell them on-line, use them in some of the treatments I give and sell them in the treatment room). Now my only decision is whether to go for Hydrating Rose range or the Regenerating Frankincense, hmm decisions, decisions. Which one do you think I should use?

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