Friday, 14 October 2011

Organisation tips (especially for busy Mums like me)

Ok I realise my topics vary like the weather in England but it’s topics that are hugely relevant to me and I’m sure will help others. You see before children I was very disorganised and late for everything. My turning point was when another parent commented how I was always late for everything. I blushed and promised myself I could do better. So here are some tips to start with:-

1. Have a To-Do list. I don’t mind if you have an electronic gadget or write it on a piece of paper, have a To Do list and take pleasure in marking off what you’ve completed. Personally I loose scrappy bits of To Do Lists so I now swear by my Filofax(s) but that’s a whole (several) new blog post(s).

2. For busy families, I love these style of family planners. We have one column per person and the spare column shows birthday, anniversaries etc. My wonderful Mum buys me one every year for Christmas as a stocking filler. Before 1st January I write in all birthdays, anniversarys, school holidays and annual events (ie MOT needs renewing, pet inoculations) It then hangs in a prominent place where all members of the family can check it. PS I know there are plenty of electronic apps which can also do this but my kids are too young for electronic devices just yet.

3. The next step is to empty school book bags as soon as your kids walk through the door. Any diary dates are immediately added to the Family Calendar, replies sorted immediately and put straight back into the book bag. Any letters for future reference are stuck to our fridge door with alphabet magnets (not the minimalist look!)

4. I set my clocks and watches 5 minutes fast and have learnt to allocate double my original estimate of time where kids are involved.

5. Keep a constant shopping list. Add the weekly always need items at the top and then as items get used up, add them to the shopping list. Teach everyone in your family to do the same. Hopefully you’ll no longer get “Mum where’s the tomato ketchup” because you’ll be able to reply “did you put it on the shopping list”.

I’d love to hear your organisational tips too, please leave them in the comments below.

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