Friday, 28 October 2011

What is your weekly facial routine?

What is your weekly facial routine? What type of skin do you believe you have (dry, combination or oil?

Here is my weekly routine, which helps deep clean and brighten my skin:-

I allow approximately 30 minutes where hopefully I won’t get disturbed. I get all my products and accessories ready to use. First I cleanse my face in the following order. I cleanse then wipe my eyes. I then move down to the neck and sweep up towards the jaw, working round to the cheeks, stroking up the nose and finally up to the forehead. Then using a warm, slightly damp muslin cloth I gently wipe off any cleanser.

Gentle exfoliation helps remove any surface dead skin cells leaving your complexion brighter. I use our lavender based organic exfoliater and love how smooth my skin feels afterwards. Do not put exfoliater near your eyes or mouth. Again, using a muslin, wipe off any exfoliating product.

At this point you could use a facial oil and perform some facial massage routines.

Next apply a mask. These are deep cleansing but again keep then away from your eyes. You can always spray your favourite hydrolat onto a couple of cotton wool pads and place over your eyes whilst you leave your mask to work its wonders. Guess how you’re going to remove your mask – yes with those wonderful muslin cloths.

Finally apply eye cream, moisturiser and lip balm – you look gorgeous.

Don’t forget this routine isn’t just for women; men and teenagers all benefit from a weekly skincare routine.

Let me know your routine compares and what products you use. What products do you rave about?

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