Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Preparation part one

Ok so now it’s the end of November I start organising Christmas (actually, this is a small lie as I’ve already made the Christmas Cake and Puddings).

As a self confessed gadget geek, I’m afraid most of my planning starts on the computer. I have a folder saved on my external hard drive called Christmas. In here I have a sub folder called music (I have a very cheesy and eclectic range of Christmas music which is played for the whole of December) and the remainder are outlined below.

There is my master Christmas Card spreadsheet. There is a sheet for me & my husband and a further sheet for each child. These are grouped in order (such as family, friends, work friends) with their addresses so I don’t have to look each one up individually. There is also a running total of the number of cards required with tick boxes for when the card has been written.

Next is the Christmas present spreadsheet. Again a sheet for me and then each family member has a separate sheet. It includes for whom, gift idea, gift bought and budget so I know how much money to put aside each month ready for next year. I also keep previous year’s Christmas present lists so I don’t buy the same present for someone each year.

As the boys like to make some of their presents for close family, I have a word document full of ideas I have accumulated off the internet. Also ideal ideas for teachers Christmas presents.

When wrapping presents, I use one of these type tape dispensers. They make wrapping quicker and easier.

In January, I review all these documents and purchase next years Christmas cards, advent calendars and gift wrap ready for next year!

Next week I will be detailing personal preparation required for the party season.

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