Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Preparation, Part Two

So the planning part is complete, now we need to actually get things done.

First of all, even though you are going to be busy, don’t forget to put yourself first. Ensure, even if it’s only for 5 minutes per day, you spend sometime relaxing (see for further advice). This doesn’t mean you can’t multi-task. Why not spend those 5 minutes relaxing in the shower whilst applying a body scrub? This will ensure you skin is party dress ready at the same time.

When purchasing gifts, try and support your local, smaller companies rather than the large, impersonal corporations. Visit your local salon, village shops or parent based websites. As a company, Heather Holistics purchases products locally wherever possible. Our range of organic, aromatherapy products are made here in the Midlands.

Heather Holistics has some very December special offers to tempt you These make ideal Christmas presents for everyone in your family. There are some gorgeous crystal jewellery, fantastic skin, hair and body care products suitable for all (including sensitive skin) and crystal tea-light holders for those people you just don’t know what to buy. All at amazing value prices.

I’ve just gleaned another wonderful tip (one which I am going to put into action immediately but adding another column to my spreadsheet) . . . where I have hidden presents. Every year I think I’ll remember and then find them in January!

Don’t forget to also mark off your lists when you’ve bought the present.

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