Friday, 9 December 2011

Why are we drawn to crystals?

Ever since I was little I remember being fascinated by crystals. I’m still unsure whether it was their pretty colours that I was drawn to or their healing properties. Either way I was hooked.

I recently attended a school Christmas Bazaar selling a variety of products including crystal tumblestones. Some of the adults where interested in the crystals but children of all ages, gender and sizes just appeared to be drawn to them. Some preferred the clear quartz, some blue lace agate but they were all drawn to different crystals. Why? Is it because they inherently feel and understand the subtle healing crystals can perform? As we grow older do we gradually loose the ability to ‘tune into’ natures beautiful, amazing products?

Many of the ladies were drawn to the crystal based jewellery. Was this because they like the colour and it would match with outfits or because they were drawn to that crystal?

As an aside, my husband believed they were just coloured rocks until I left my (rather large) collection of crystals in front of him. Whilst he handled the clear quartz, his arms itched as though he was having an allergic reaction. (I personally believe this was due to him sensing energy for the first time). Whenever he held other crystals he didn’t react but the following morning showing the boys, his reaction to clear quartz (the Master crystal and an amplifier) was the same.

Next week I hope to detail where to place and use your crystals. In the meantime, if you have any questions on the use of crystals, please contact me.

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