Friday, 20 January 2012

How is your 2012 organisation going?

Returning to the subject of organisation (as we are a few weeks into the NewYear) how is your 2012 so far? Have you missed any appointments or birthdays? Can you tell at a glance what plans you have for the next week or month? When shopping do you have a list of what you require or do you grab your purse and hope?

For me, 2012 has been a success so far. I don’t believe I missed any birthdays or appointments. My family can quickly tell who is meant to be where and at what time by a variety of means. I’ve even changed phone and although I’ve had a slight change around (my old phone linked directly to Outlook and I manually entered data in a Yahoo calendar whereas now I link my IPhone to Google which then syncs to Outlook) I think I’m still on track.

However, I still use my Filofax’s to help organise everything. So below, may I introduce you to my (very cute) mini Filofax. I love the mini size as it’s easy to slip into almost any handbag but still retains its functionality. This blog could be photo heavy so please bear with me (although I’m sure my Filofax friends won’t moan too much):-

With ruler to show just how small it is.

The inside has two card slots (ideal for business cards or credit cards) and a secretarial pocket (is that the correct term?)

There is a full length pocket ideal for paper money:-

This shows my tab labels. I always like a map of the world with me as my geography is shockingly poor. A shopping list, segregated by which shop I want to go to (so encompasses a wish list too)

I try to keep a Week on two pages for the coming month and then Month on Two pages for the next 12 months. These are only basic appts and don’t take too long on a Sunday evening to copy across from my A5 main Filofax.

Showing my home-made Today marker (using re-cycled plastic from one of the boys Xmas toys)

The back has a zip suitable for coins, stamps, receipts etc

So what do you think to my mini Filofax? How do you (or do you) organise your time? As always, please do not hesitate to ask me questions or add comments below. Thank you for reading

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  1. your filofax/wallet is very cute. I also use one for this purpose - wallet and planner - but in pocket size. I got a mini Finsbury but got concerned that it was too small. Yours seem to be working perfectly!
    Where did you get that tiny pencil BTW?

  2. Thank you Lime Tree, I have got a pocket on standby but so far I don't have a need to enlarge. Here is a link to some mini mechanical pencils:-

    I'm sure I got mine from Staples a while back as a multi-pack. I hope this helps