Sunday, 1 June 2014

What have I let myself in for?

This is all Julie's fault.  I run occasionally (less than I should) and I'm Plus sized.  I bumped into Julie (aka Fattymustrun) a while back and was delighted to find someone actually promoting plus sized runners.  Although I'm mega busy with work at the moment, I needed an incentive to up my exercise hence signing up for Juneathon.

I didn't register until 7pm this evening but we (family) did go out for a lovely, sunny walk for over an hour this morning.  Great start to Juneathon.

I certainly won't be running every day but I intend to do some form of exercise for at least 10 minutes every day of June.  Are you going to join me?

As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you below.

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